shit yeah bitch!

I have such a backlog of Dowe photos to post!
They won't be up tonight, but expect a large photo post to be coming soon...

mmm dowe totally bit me the other night.
Jealous much? <33 :D:D:D


Dowe is God contest time!!!!!!!!
Everyone, add your captions to these photos of Dowe!
(and two horrible ones of me with his lord sexy)
I have some pics of Deidre, Ryan, and Val, but there is no tiiiiiime.
Those will get their own special post!!!
So remember, add an awesome caption! and we'll all laugh and love it:

When I say 'One' put your ass in the air! When I say 'Two' drop pelvis to the floor!Collapse )

ooooooooh i'm excited
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b-t fish tank

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...*sigh*  Haha, you people, jeez.  Especially you Rachael, and Kerry!  Haven't talked to you at all in many months.  Normally I'm scared of this community, which should continue after this post.  Just wanted to share a few things

SmilingCollapse )

Don't expect any more from me!  I'm hiding waaay over here because I'm honored and nervous. 
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Our good friend Matt Kernal left TX for a bit to go to college, and he left lots of nice and heart-warming going away messages for all of us on his LJ. Here's the one he left for Dowe:

Dowe - You're my dog yo. I think out of EVERYONE I've known you the longest. Since kindergarden. We're like this! *crosses fingers* I'll never forget that time you fell in the ant pile on the playgroundd and were almost eaten. And I'll never forget when we had nursery ryhme day and we had to dress up and we both came as little boy blue. And I'll never forget when we played X-men in your apartment parkinglot/yard that one day. You're such a sweety. I did join the Dowe community! Cause. Hey. Dowe rocks. What can I say? *hugzz*

<33333333 We'll miss you Matt, and we all love teh Dowe!
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The trauma has severed the flesh from the bone.

[ I kinda copied this from those icon rating communities haha ]
[ kinda I mean I got the idea from them. not copied and pasted! suckahs ]

Ok! contest for all you Dowe lovahs!!
I want a hot Dowe icon, stat.It can be a base, it can say "Dowe is God" or "I love Dowe". It can be anything!
You can use the following pictures I will put behind the cut, or your own Dowe picture.
Everyone! Please do it! It will be super fun attack time!

A 'few' Dowe-tastic photosCollapse )

Icon Requirements:
* 100x100
* extension .gif, .bmp, or .jpeg
* if you are going to be cool and make your icon transparent, DO NOT save as a bitmap, because it will come out lookin all poopy and shiz.
* I want this to be all super and stuff, so submit all icons to me via AIM [Winged Gestapo]with a link, or the actual image itself, to my email. f you don't have an image hosting website, I will host it or you can choose one of the many available out there. (Photo Bucket is the shiz)
* and uh, that's it I think...

I will make a post with all the icons together, and we'll vote on the community icons representing Dowe!
The winner gets... umm.... Dowe's ass for the night! <3333333333

Love you allllllllll
and gooooooo! make icons!!!!!

recruit recruit recruit!

Use this new banner!

<*a href=""*><*img src=""*><*/a>
Just remove the stars!
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I hearby cut the e-ribbon to open the community for posting praises and pictures of Dowe T. Phillips.


a nicer background shall be added shortly, and a nice bio of the awesome dowe.