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Our good friend Matt Kernal left TX for a bit to go to college, and he left lots of nice and heart-warming going away messages for all of us on his LJ. Here's the one he left for Dowe:

Dowe - You're my dog yo. I think out of EVERYONE I've known you the longest. Since kindergarden. We're like this! *crosses fingers* I'll never forget that time you fell in the ant pile on the playgroundd and were almost eaten. And I'll never forget when we had nursery ryhme day and we had to dress up and we both came as little boy blue. And I'll never forget when we played X-men in your apartment parkinglot/yard that one day. You're such a sweety. I did join the Dowe community! Cause. Hey. Dowe rocks. What can I say? *hugzz*

<33333333 We'll miss you Matt, and we all love teh Dowe!
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